REGENERA ACTIVIA - most effective treatment for HAIR LOSS that exists today. Which makes possible not only restore the previous condition of the hair, but also improve it.
This is due to the activation of those follicles that previously didn't function, that's is, the hair will become much denser than before.Regenera treatment is absolutely safe and has no analogues.
An unique patented technique for obtaining STEM CELLS allows to REGENERATE hair per 1 PROCEDURE!
Safety is that patient becomes his own donor. This completely eliminates the occurrence of allergic reactions or rejection of material by the body.Regenera suitable for women and men. It's necessary to take a small sample of tissue with healthy follicles to complete the procedure.It goes painless, because the area is anesthetized and patient has no discomfort. The resulting substance injected with syringes with ultra-thin atraumatic needles.
Results semipermanent, individual appearance in 2-5 months.

    Post care:
  • * Shouldn’t sunbathe 2 weeks after the procedure;
  • * Don’t dye your hair 2 weeks after the procedure;
  • * Don’t visit saunas, vaporarium, swimming pools 7 days after the procedure;
  • * Abstain from physical activity for 10-14 days;
  • * Not recommended to wash your hair and apply decorative cosmetics (varnishes, sprays, etc.) 24 hours after the procedure.

Time: 1 hour
Number of sessions: 1

PRICE: 2460$