Reconstructive micro pigmentation of scars, stretch marks, and dark areas of the skin. The target of micro pigmentation is skin discoloration after injuries, surgeries, and accident With the help of a special machine ink is injected under the epidermal layer of the skin.

  • * To hide skin defects visually;
  • * To correct asymmetry, giving the skin harmony;
    Post care:
  • * Dry healing - don't use cream or oil until complete healing;
  • * 4-7 days, not wet micro pigmentation area
  • * Don't rub, touch or exfoliate crusts;
  • * Don't sunbathe;
  • * Don't visit tanning salons, saunas, swimming pools

Healing takes around 21 days. The micro pigmentation area becomes red and swollen after the procedure.
The residual result needs to evaluate in 21-30 days after the procedure.
The procedure is painless - anesthesia is used during the operation.

Time: 40 minutes
Number of sessions: 1-2 (depending on skin regeneration and subsequent care)

PRICE: 200$-500$